Since Sonop's establishment in 1917, a large number of individuals have left an imprint on it, and likewise Sonop has left its mark on many people. Through the years, this hostel has developed a wealth of unique traditions of which every Sonop resident is immensely proud.

Many of Sonop's traditions are not known to the outside world and when, in an unguarded moment, a Sonop resident mentions 'nagligte' (night lights) or 'oliegedroggies'(oil monstrosities) people have no idea what they're talking about. Every year, only approximately 50 students enjoy the privilege of becoming part of the Sonop family and traditions.

Advertising boards:

Sonop offers external institutions an opportunity to advertise their services and products free of charge on the Sonop premises. Sonop residents are more than willing to fetch advertising material (typically advertising boards) from the producers' premises and to install them at Sonop. The first such advertisement made its appearance in front of Rooms 71 and 72 in roundabout 1939. Today Sonop proudly advertises more than 700 products!

Jacket and tie:

There can be no doubt that the best-dressed students on Campus, ie those wearing neat suits and ties, are first-years from Sonop. It is also fairly certain that the worst-dressed student will be a Sonop-semi.


Mealtimes at Sonop are experiences not to be missed. With elegantly dressed first-year students serving creative dishes prepared by Nonnie (our matron) to seniors, every meal is a special and exciting experience. Sonop meals differ from those served at other hostels in one respect in particular, and that is that all the Sonop residents sit down together to enjoy them.