• Sonop's 95-years Minifestival took place.
  • Drommedaris VIII took place.
  • All Sonop house photographs and HC photographs were stored digitally.
  • Sonop West's Rugby Knockout League and Soapbox Carts.
  • A commission of inquiry was appointed because of negative newspaper reports.
  • Sonop was designated Tuks Male Residence of the Year.
  • Sonop got a full-time Head of Residence / Housefather.
  • The tennis courts were renovated.
  • A sports tour to Wilgenhoff took place.
  • The Archives were renovated officially.
  • Drommedaris VII took place.
  • Oom Gert was officially renovated.
  • Drommedaris VI took place.
  • Sonop set up a record for the longest distance run on a treadmill within 48 hours.
  • Sonop victorious in Sedan Chair item for 10 years running.
  • Sonop's 90-years celebrations took place.
  • Drommedaris V took place.
  • Drommedaris IV took place from Pretoria to Oudtshoorn.
  • Sonop designated Tuks male residence of the year for the third year running.
  • The HC was enlarged to 8 members with a view to transformation.
  • New Guinness world record for the longest hotdog in the world.
  • Sonop was designated Tuks male residence of the year.
  • The billiard room was renovated.
  • Sonop got an administrator (Oom Wally) who would henceforth manage residence fees and staff.
  • The linen room was converted into a new residence for Nonnie Groen.
  • The website was spruced up.
  • Sonop was designated Tuks male residence of the year.
  • Serviette fights in the dining room were prohibited.
  • Sonop decided to install a wireless network. We became one of the first bodies in the country to have such a network and an ADSL internet line.
  • The Spring Day Festival in the East was such a huge success that it was established as an annual event.
  • The East's crocodile escaped.
  • New mansion inaugurated.
  • The East Board was erected.
  • The Blue Crocodile Project started.
  • Sonop donated its bus to a children's home.
  • The SWB (Sonop Weerstandsbeweging / Resistance Movement) was established in order to combat theft in and around Sonop.
  • Huge pepper tree in West destroyed a mansion.
  • The General Synod sold Sonop to the Sonop Board for R2 000 000.
  • Sonop created a website.
  • Bollietrollie was repaired.
  • Sonop hosted its first house dance.
  • Sonop concert tour raised R28 000 in support of the Abraham Kriel children's home.
  • The East received a new east car (Ooste III).
  • Bollietrollie was destroyed by fire.
  • The squash court was completed.
  • Sonop undertook 3 cycle tours and raised R30 000 in support of the cancer association.
  • Oom Gert's jacket was painted.
  • The West's zebra, Kolle, was hijacked by College.
  • Police raid with a Casspir armoured vehicle.
  • Sonop got 27 cycads.
  • Bollietrollie was given a new engine.
  • Police raid with a Casspir armoured vehicle.
  • Malawi tour (See the Sonop history paper p. 16)
  • North's gate was removed after female students had crashed into it with a new Mazda.
  • The Renovation Committee was dissolved after completion of the 10-year project.
  • League of Former Sonop Residents was founded.
  • Three black kitchen staff members took part in sonoppie.
  • Legal steps were taken against Sonop following a Raid.
  • The entire house committee was suspended because of the T party on the western lawn. Since then, first-years have not been taking part in the T party, but semmies do.
  • During the visit of George Zamfir, Robert Snyman played the pan flute with ienks accompanying him on milk bottles. Robert also donated a pan flute made by him to Zamfir.
  • The Jan Scholtz movie "Kiepie en Kandas" was filmed in Sonop, and the Bollietrollie (Sweatheart) was donated to the West.
  • Torch run from Voortrekker Monument to Umtata to congratulate Transkei on its independence. (See the Sonop history paper p. 7)
  • The Sonop flag was inaugurated officially. The Sonop house song, "Zoem Garribaldi", composed by Kobus Seegers, was also inaugurated.
  • Sonop's renovation committee was established; it renovated Sonop over a period of 10 years for an amount of approximately R300 000. Former Sonop residents contributed most of it.
  • First Sonop Dagbreek appeared.
  • Sonop became the first UP residence to have a TV.
  • The pill would henceforth be served in pudding format.
  • First Sonop Rally
  • North installed a boom to stop Raids.
  • Drommedaris II raised funds for the Southern Cross. (See the 60-years festival publication p. 50)
  • Nonnie van der Westhuizen resigned, saying the students were barbarous with reference to their disciplinary procedures.
  • Following a complaint to the Principal by the uncle of an ienk, a commission of inquiry was appointed to investigate Sonop's practices. (See the 60-years festival publication p. 12)
  • Drommedaris: Two bicycles joined by a drum between them left for Rhodesia for publicity for Sonop's half centenary celebrations. (See the 60-years festival publication p. 10-11 and 40-41 as well as the Sonop history paper p. 6)
  • Sonop's national sport, "Bekertjie", was confirmed.
  • Sonop was proclaimed a Republic. (See the 60-years festival publication p. 36-37 as well as the Sonop history paper p. 5-6)
  • Semels was the first pet to obtain the status of house member but first had to swallow the pill.
  • New stables were erected.
  • Sonop became the first UP residence with a swimming pool. The pool was installed next to the dining hall at a cost of 250 pounds.
  • A figure that served as underpants advertisement was stolen and baptised Garribaldi.
  • First board was installed in Sonop. (See the Sonop history paper p. 10)
  • Great Trek: All house members left the house and spent the year in Buxton. (See the 60-years festival publication p. 9 and p. 30 as well as the Sonop history paper p. 3-4)
  • Oom Gert took up residence in Sonop.
  • This was repeated under the chairmanship of W. Visser.
  • HC chaired by D. Prinsloo resigned because of a strong difference of opinion concerning a house dance.
  • On 3 June, Sonop was established with 40 resident students.
  • First housefather : Mr NJ Grobbelaar
  • First Head Student : Mr Johannes Scheepers