Sonop Council


Sonop is situated in Brooklyn, Pretoria and is a private men’s residence that supplies accommodation and three meals a day to full time students that studies at the University of Pretoria

Sonop is owned by the Sonop Old Boys (BOS) and the facility is operated by the Sonop Company Pty Ltd. The company has no profit motive and is formally registered as an article 21 company.

The Sonop Old Boys BOS) appoints the members of the Sonop Company (who acts as the shareholders of the entity) from its ranks and reinforce the team with outside specialists (all Oud-Sonoppers) as needed.

The Sonop Board of 6 members are appointed as directors of the Sonop Company Pty Ltd and they are responsible for the management and control of the Sonop residence.

The Sonop Board formally meets once a month and currently consists of the following members: (The number in brackets represents the first year of residence in Sonop)

  • Kobie Botha, Pr Eng BSc Eng Civil: Chairman (1972)
  • Otto Diedericks, Pr Eng B Eng Industrial: Deputy Chairman, CTR (1991)
  • Dewald Theron: CA(SA), MCom (Taxation): Finance (1983)
  • Johann Kotzé, BSc Agriculture, MBA: General support (1988)
  • Dinos Kaparos, LLB: Sport, Legal (2005)
  • Tonie Viljoen, BA, BD, MTh, PhD: Head of Residence, Housefather (1973)

A word from the Chairman – KOBIE BOTHA

The Sonop residence is more than 100 years old and we are proud to be: a-political, multi-racial, multi-cultural, the official languages are English and Afrikaans and anybody is welcome to apply for admission to live here. Our vision, mission and aims are to be regarded as the best student residence in South Africa.

As a totally independent private institution, Sonop does not receive any financial or administrative support from UP or the Government and is therefore fully responsible for its own management, marketing, personnel, maintenance and financial affairs.

To enable this self-sufficient structure to be successful and sustainable into the future, it is governed and managed as a company where the Sonop Board acts as the non-executive directors while the Head of Residence/Housefather and the Sonop Management Committee (SMC) functions as the operational executives. (The SMC consists of the House Committee and regional leaders from each section of the house).

The house members of Sonop forms the backbone of the residence and with their energetic approach and amazing initiatives, guided by the HC, this combination makes the experience of staying at Sonop a special experience

This management model of cooperation between the Sonop Board and the students is unique and has proven to be very successful.

A further aim in Sonop is not to supply only accommodation and meals to our students, but to expose them to a special living experience where they can excel in their studies while honing their future life skills by participating in team building, sport and cultural activities.

To ensure that Sonop stays in step with the continual evolving and changing environment of the world, the Sonop Board established the standing committee for Continues Reformation and Transformation (CTR). This committee under the guidance of the deputy chairman and consisting of old boys and students, strives to find innovative ways to add additional value to our students while at Sonop.  We are very excited about the Sonop 2025 project, which is currently under way.

In discussions with Sonop old boys it was supported and confirmed that during the relatively short period of living and studying together, life long bonds and friendships are formed and business associates are being developed.

Within a culture of Christian beliefs, academic excellence and a good and balanced social life, the following value system is supported and utilised in Sonop:

  1. Excellence
  2. Integrity
  3. Loyalty
  4. Discipline
  5. Balanced approach
  6. Trust
  7. Uniqueness
  8. Diversity

This value system is not only limited to the period while studying, but is a major contributor the success achieved by Sonop old boys in their adult and career life.

There is a saying that says “Once a Sonopper always a Sonopper “

Laat die Byle Huil

Kobie Botha



Kobie Botha : Chairman Otto Diedericks : Vice Chairman Dewald Theron : Finances
Kobie Botha Otto Diedericks Dewald Theron



Tonie Viljoen : House Father Johann Kotzé : General Matters Dinos Kaparos : Sports / Legal Advice
Tonie Viljoen Johann Kotzé Dinos Kaparos