1932 : After having been stolen by two Sonop and two Kollege residents and surviving several adventures,Oom Gert finally makes Sonop his permanent home. (See 60-year festival publication, p15)

1939 : A figure used in an advertisement for underpants is stolen and baptised Garibaldi

1942 : Both Kollege and Voortrekker make unsuccessful attempts atstealingOom Gert.

1942 : Oom Gert is abducted by Onderstepoort and chained by his hand. Sonop residents retrieve him, but have to saw off his hand to free him. Sadly Oom Gert only regained the full use of his hand in 1998!

1944 : Oom Gert is abducted first by Kollege and shortly afterwards by Vergeet-my-nie.

1950 : Sonop residents steal Vergeet-my-nie's mascot Olifant (which is currently Jasmyn's mascot).


1950 : Wits steals Oom Gert.

1956 : Sonop presents Asterhof with a giraffe as their mascot.

1963 : Sonop steals Brandwag, NKP's mascot.

1972 : Asterhof 's Grasie is stolen, used for a photo shoot and returned home before her absence is noticed by the residents.

1975 : Sonop steals the Kollege mascot, Sarge Bourke.

1976 : The Sonop flag becomes official.

1999 : Oom Gert is stolen by Madelief, but finds his new environment most unpleasant and soon finds his way back to Sonop.