Hostel Headmaster


Very few can be Sonoppers

Headmaster/House Father  - Tonie Viljoen

This is one of the lines of Sonop's house song entitled Zoem Garibaldi.

And how true this is!

Sonop is the smallest men's hostel on the Tukkie Campus and can accommodate only 160 students, whereas the other UP hostels all make provision for 300 and more residents. Unlike other hostels that have an annual intake of more than 100 first-year students, Sonop accepts only between 40 and 50.

However, the small number of residents does not in any way affect the active participation, dynamic presence and achievements of Sonop residents on the Tukkie Campus!

Our mascot, Garibaldi, is a case in point - he may be no taller than about half a metre, but his determined look says: 'I am small, but I'm fearless. Do not underestimate me - if you do, you'll meet your match.'

His folded arms and determined expression say, even more clearly that Churchill himself: We shall fight them on the hills, we shall fight them in the valleys, we shall fight them on the beaches, we shall never surrender.

The Sonop archive contains many photos, trophies and awards that bear testimony to the many victories that the Sonop brigade, under Garibaldi's command, has won against the overwhelming forces of other UP men's hostels.

Sonop is a unique residence situated in Brooklyn, a suburb abounding in trees, barely one kilometre from the main campus of the University of Pretoria. Enjoy the website that you are now looking at and follow the links that will take you on an electronic journey through the nearly 102 year old history of Sonop, which has been characterised by tradition and achievement.

If you are interested in applying for admission, do it immediately!

Remember... Very few can be Sonoppers!

Sonop greetings,

Tonie Viljoen : Head of Sonop Residence / House Father